Purple Agate Dining Table Top Handmade Living Room Furniture


This is a Purple agate dining tables can be made from solid agate or from a slab of agate that has been mounted on a wooden base. Solid agate tables are more expensive, but they are also more durable. Slab tables are less expensive, but they are more susceptible to damage.


This is a purple agate dining table is a beautiful and unique addition to any home. The natural beauty of the agate stone will add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your dining room. Purple agate is a type of chalcedony, which is a microcrystalline quartz. It is formed when silica is deposited in layers around a cavity in an igneous rock. The layers of silica can vary in color, which is what gives purple agate its distinctive appearance.

Sizes as per variations:

Can be Customize ,Please Message your desired size.

Material: Agate Stone

It can be used as Coffee/Dining Table Top , Counter Top, Wall Panel , Flooring etc

Size can be altered to your measurements, Please message your desire Size


This product is made to order & is completely HANDCRAFTED.

It you want to customize the product so we can customize accordingly as per your requirement like size, colour, and design etc.
This is handmade products, colours of Rose quartz stones may slightly vary from the image shown.
Equipment & accessories are used only for photography purpose which do not ship with the product.
For stone surfaces, liquids should be immediately soaked up with a paper towel and wiped dry to avoid any staining. If a liquid spill occurs prompt cleaning is advised. Avoid using chemical cleaners

The Agate Table Top shown in the photos has already been purchased, the new one may be slightly different from the picture

Shipping and packaging
• We always ship the shipment through DHL or FedEx
• If there is local tax and custom duty or any tax is to be paid by the buyer
• We always pack the shipment properly with the help of corrugated box inside with sytro foam
• All shipment is fully insured
• We are not liable for any delay due to custom clearance.

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12×12 Inches, 12×18 inches, 24×12 Inches, 36×24 inches, 48×24 inches, 60×30 inches, 60×36 inches, 72×36 Inches, 72×48 inches


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